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Insurance Advisor Janice Cloth


Janice Cloth has been working in the insurance industry for the past 28 years. Starting in 1982 in a junior position, she worked her way up as a marketing executive.


She soon realized with her ease with people and the caring person that she was, that helping people was what she loved doing best. Her background as a psychotherapist allowed her to share her good listening skills to be able to determine the needs of her clients.


Janice is a public speaker and author of numerous articles delivering important information about what she calls, “selfish insurance” or living benefit insurance. Critical illness insurance, disability and long term care are all considered living benefit insurance. Her mission is to raise awareness about the devastation that can happen financially without protecting your hard earned income.


Janice understands the emotional, physical and financial burdens many people experience due to illness. This experience, along with her extensive training gives Janice the ability to make the proper recommendations based on her client’s individual needs. She believes that an appropriate plan is both affordable and helps guarantee a way to protect a family’s assets to make sure they are never a burden on their loved ones. Janice is licensed in Ontario. She represents the top insurance companies so she can shop for the best coverage at the best value.



“Dear Janice,  

I want to thank you once again for the concern you showed me in dealing with my Insurance claim that was just recently made. Your professionalism and compassion have certainly been appreciated by my wife and myself during this difficult time that I am now facing.

The claim was handled by your office compassionately, without delay and without an abundance of red tap…I will certainly keep your name in my file and pass it on to others who may face the same predicament as myself.”

- Ron Pollock
  Ron Pollock Imports Ltd.


“I joined Agnico-Eagle Mines Limited in 2005 and I was pleased to find that we had a very attractive and comprehensive benefit program. As the company grew, it was suggested that the benefit program be enhanced to provide additional coverage to address such areas as critical illness – and Janice was the person who brought these suggestions forward and helped to obtain and implement these benefits. In 2011, I suffered a cardiac arrest – Janice was incredibly helpful in attending to my claim and dealing with the insurance company; she handled practically all of the work so that I could focus on my recovery. I would strongly recommend Janice to anyone who is looking for someone to provide expert guidance with respect to benefits or is looking for someone to assist them when the time comes to claim under such coverage’s.”

- R. Gregory Laing, General Counsel,
  Agnico-Eagle Mines Limited


"Dear Janice,

I wanted to thank you again for the your outstanding support with my critical illness insurance process. Your attention to detail and your ability to help a layman navigate the insurance landscape with ease is remarkable. 

Shortly after I joined the Agnico Eagle Mines team in 2002, we met for the first time to discuss the various executive insurance programs that were available to me. I remember how you educated me about each risk and the insurance tools that were available to help me and my family mitigate such exposures. Once we had settled on the insurance programs appropriate to my circumstances e.g. critical illness, you seamlessly orchestrated the healthcare professionals and the related paperwork necessary to establish the programs. At the end of this initial stage, I felt that we had established the right insurance coverage for me.

Over the next 11 years, we maintained annual contact to ensure that the programs that we had put in place were still suitable to my situation.

This business-as-usual client coverage changed when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer last November. Naturally, I was unsettled by this news. I had a lot to learn as my wife and I explored treatment options. The one thing that I did not have to worry about was navigating through my critical illness insurance claim. As in the past, you made my life easy. Once I contacted you with my news, you took control of the process. You calmly explained what needed to be done and then proceeded to work with the insurance company and the relevant healthcare professionals to process my claim. Everything came together as you had described and the claim was successfully settled.

I look forward to our continuing relationship. I know that I am in good hands."

 - Don Allen 


"Dear Janice:


Thank you so much for recommending critical care insurance to me. Although I hoped I would never need to use it, you informed me of the benefits of having such a policy. With out you telling me about it, I would never have bought into it. Little did I know how important it was to have.


Since being diagnosed with breast cancer, you were quick to let me know that I should make a claim. I so appreciated your input and direction as we were not sure what we were entitled to or how to go about finding the information we needed to proceed. You were informative, helpful, sympathetic, and quick to step in. You told us what information we needed to gather and who to talk to about it. You were right there to follow up with info that we needed for the next step. As you received information from the insurance company, you immediately updated us.


Thanks for all of your concern, taking action on our behalf, and for your support at this time in my life. Your  efficiency certainly made this process much easier to handle and we were so pleased with the outcome." 


- Joodi Pollock


"I have known Janice for most of her adult life.  When she transitioned into the Insurance business I was ecstatic.  I knew she would have my back at all times! I trusted and believed that all insurance needs would be met with a sound knowledge base of product offerings, with integrity, honesty and professionalism. She has never let me down. In fact, she goes above and beyond the call of duty by exuding a tremendous warmth and connection with her clients which for me is truly refreshing.  Janice is on point with her presentations, clearly laying out in detailed description the policies she believes would be best suited for me. I recall the first time I sat down with Janice to discuss an overall structured plan that would essentially ensure my future insurance needs would be met. Not knowing too much about all my many options and feeling a little overwhelmed, she quickly assured me that no question was a stupid one and welcomed me to ask many!  Janice is patient, approachable, understanding, never pressures, exceeds expectations and, always delivers the highest level of customer satisfaction.  She continues to update her knowledge base and stays current with the changing times by enrolling in advancement courses, something I admire and commend her for.  I feel secure knowing I am well taken care of.  I highly recommend Janice Cloth as your Independent Insurance Professional."  

- Jan L. – Toronto, ON – January 2022