Gordon Donsky
Associate Advisor



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FollowMe, Flexcare, and Basic Critical Illness Insurance

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Insurance Advisor Gordon Donsky

Gordon has had a successful career as an insurance agent for over 25 years with no direct marketing efforts, rather he has been providing his clients with incredibly successful strategies and unparalleled service which leads to organically growing his business through the most powerful and honest selling tool available… satisfied customer referrals.


After a successful career as a Psychotherapist, Management Consultant and founder of multiple businesses, Gordon’s son, Jordan, has followed in his grandfather and now fathers’ footsteps by joining his successful life insurance practice. Both now work closely with clients always keeping their best interests in mind all the while determined to provide the best solutions to achieve clients’ financial needs and family security.


Clients have described working with Gordon and Jordan to be a stress free and an incredibly valuable experience as they are both knowledgeable, forward thinking, creative, honest, hardworking and a pleasure to deal with. They both have an uncanny ability to listen and empathize with clients on a deeper level in order to discern what they really want and need thereby following their motto... “Putting the needs of the client first”.


They work closely with many other professionals (legal, accounting, tax) to ensure everybody is on the same page whether it relates to financial, estate or retirement planning goals, with a particular emphasis on achieving maximum tax benefits through insurance strategies and products.  Their practice focuses on the needs of individuals and families, successful professionals, business owners, groups and retirees offering proven solutions through Life Insurance, Disability, Critical Illness, Business Insurance and Health Benefit Plans.