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Insurance Advisor Eric Benchetrit

Eric Benchetrit is a financial services industry consultant providing professional development training, mentoring and coaching designed for the 21st century marketplace. Eric is considered by his peers as one of the most informed and knowledgeable authorities in his space, who provides financial advisors and life insurance agents with technical assistance, case packaging on complex client files and competition analysis for the myriad of insurance and financial products and services available in the marketplace. Advisors often utilize his expertise to conduct joint field calls and meet with client’s professional advisors such as Accountants and Lawyers and also to speak on their behalf at retail client seminars. His opinions and expertise are also regularly called on by life insurance companies to assist in their product development and he’s recently sat on the Advisory Board at Manulife Financial.

As a sought-after educator, he's also a faculty member and part-time Professor for Seneca College's Financial Services Practitioner certification program. Graduates of this program complete a portion of the coursework for eligibility for the CFP (Certified Financial Planner) Professional Competency Examination as well as credits towards their CLU (Chartered Life Underwriter) designation. He is also a member of CALU (Conference for Advanced Life Underwriting), an industry advocacy group, restricted to elite individuals who meet the professional standards set for admission, which maintains a constructive, consultative relationship with federal government representatives. Eric has been in the financial services industry since 1992, primarily in marketing and distribution and at the executive and wholesaling level for AIG Life, Hartford Life and several Canadian investment firms. Additionally, he’s assisted elite Canadian tax lawyers who provide and design proprietary tax mitigation structures for affluent Canadians. As well, he's a succession planning specialist assisting private equity firms in determining valuations of financial services practices for potential acquisitions. He also maintains a personal practice as a financial advisor on a referral basis only.


Eric has been involved in many speaking engagements at several major high-profile financial services industry events over the years, including ADVOCIS, Independent Financial Brokers of Canada, Pro-Seminars, and the Business Advantage Show. He has also appeared on radio programs and call-in shows on AM530, CFRA580 and AM740 is a member of Business Network International Canada and was recently profiled in the Canadian Business Journal. He holds a Specialized Honours B.A. from York University, is married with 2 children, lives in Thornhill, Ontario and is an active member of his community.




“…Last year, I had the fortunate experience of working closely with Eric Benchetrit. Eric, is one of the most intelligent, creative, and knowledgeable people I have come across in the financial services industry. Eric's support helped me, double my revenue in 2010, this is significant as I was already in the top 5 % of the industry. Eric, helped me by increasing my case size, supported me in developing key relationships with several lawyers, and C.A's. Eric's expertise was immediately clear to me, and I would have to question, any financial services professional who does not utilize his services. There would be no way to put a price tag on the value that Eric provided, as it's knowledge that I will now have forever! …”

 - Cory Budovitch


“…What I like best about Eric Benchetrit is that he is able to relay very complex insurance and tax planning concepts in an extremely straight-forward manner. I have taken Eric out on several meetings over the past year: A few of which have translated into significant sales. The feedback I get from my clients is that Eric has the unique ability to speak at whichever level is necessary: In layman’s terms for those that might not be as informed AND at a much higher level for those technical prospects that might already have extensive tax and estate planning knowledge. In addition, I’ve noticed that with just a little background information provided to Eric that he can derive and prepare strategies that I would have never thought of. Finally, the PowerPoint presentation(s) that Eric often utilizes in order to get his message across are extremely helpful to keep the meeting on track and to help simplify the intricacies of the discussion at hand…”

 - Andy (Andrew) Anderson
   Buckler Insurance Service Limited


“…I am a CFP, CLU, EPC with over 18 years of experience behind me now. I will say that the only reason for me joining IFCG is because Eric Benchetrit is part of the management team! I think that should tell it all!! I have had the privilege from learning from some of the top in the industry #1 the late Paul T. Leonard and #2 Glenn H. Reid. I can honestly say that Eric Benchetrit is truly up on top. He happens to have the most rounded knowledge in the industry. He knows about most of the insurance carriers in the North American market place. If you give Eric a scenario, he will always lead you in the right direction! Eric Benchetrit, HE has all the answers! I love him!...”

 - Robyn H. Latchman CFP, CLU, EPC


“…Eric Benchetrit has been an invaluable asset for me during the time I have been dealing with him. His knowledge of insurance products and companies are second to none. He is always there to answer any questions I have and if I leave him a message to call back, he is sure to return my call right away. Eric always brings forward new ideas to present to my clients and I have noticed the premiums for my cases are higher as a result of this.Thank God IFCG has someone like Eric there to “hold my hand” when I need it…”

 - Max Benatar
   First Service Brokers Ltd.


"…When I was considering a number of MGAs, my criteria was simple: I wanted a professional culture of established and successful advisors, a large product shelf and un-biased support in the selection and use of those products. Eric Benchetrit was the icing on the cake. He understands the selling side as well as the technical side and this allows the advisor to advance cases in less time and with greater results. For me, the most important thing has always been trust and Eric has never let me down. I am supremely confident that my needs as an advisor and those of my clients will always be well served by IFCG and Eric…"

 - Jason Abbott, CFP, CLU


“…If you are just starting out in the business or have been in the industry for 20 years, you are always looking for the right fit when it comes to an educator, teacher, and a mentor.
If there is anybody better in the industry then Eric Benchetrit, I haven't met him as yet. His accessibility, knowledge and willingness to help, I believe made me successful very quickly…”

 - Brian Seetner


“…I have been with Independent Financial Group for the past 4 years and have been able to have access to Eric who is an extremely knowledgeable and personable person who leads up the IFCG Professional Development Academy. Before placing all of my business with Independent Financial, I was at a couple of other MGA’s but had never experienced the kind of help and caring in making sure that my business continued to be successful now and moving forward. Eric is fully aware of what is happening in the industry itself and keeps updated on all the product knowledge. Eric is determined to share this information and wants to help me to continue to advance my knowledge in the industry through individual meetings or group meetings. On a number of occasions, when I will bring in Eric on a case with either an existing or new client, he will be able to ascertain information that the client and I may have not thought about and will be able to boost my sale. Eric will present his ideas in a way where he is not “pushing” but educating the client and allowing the client to see the need on their own through a series of questions that pertain to the client’s individual needs. There have been times when Eric and I go see a client and we realize that increasing the clients insurance is not the answer. Since my clients’ needs are my first priority, I am thrilled that he will be honest enough to leave without a sale. I have been waiting years to find someone with this kind of integrity! I would have to say that because my main clientele are people that know that I specialize in living benefits, i.e. critical illness, long term care and disability insurance, Eric has been able to help me increase my commissions by approximately 30%., in other products that are available in the industry.I have been in the insurance business for almost 30 years. In all these years I have never come across a more honest and caring person as Eric Benchetrit who I would recommend to anyone…”

 - Janice Cloth


“…Whenever I call him, I find Eric to be very helpful and knowledgeable about industry trends and products. As well, he has been moderating the weekly product/concept seminars that I have attended at IFCG, and his feedback and involvement adds a lot to the discussion, and provides a lot of “value-added” over and above the usual generic product and concept info…”

 - Mark Usher


“…I was an advisor with a big company in the industry before I moved to IFCG. I decided to move to IFCG after meeting with Eric. It was easy to see that he possesses an unusual amount of knowledge of the industry, financial products, marketing and sales strategies and personal development. It was apparent that my chances of success were greater under Eric’s guidance than anywhere else.My high expectations are constantly met since I moved to IFCG. I suggest any financial advisor who wants to improve his chances of success in this industry to do the same…”

 - Idan Reshef


“…Eric Benchetrit has been my trusted mentor ever since he joined IFCG. He has this unique combination of skills that set him apart. Not only is he a gifted teacher but he has the extensive sales background that makes him an extremely well rounded advisor. Eric has always made himself available to me whether through a simple phone call, or a sit down meeting to review new products. He has also accompanied me on an appointment at times where I felt my expertise was not enough. I credit Eric for helping build my book of business and helping me grow to be a more successful advisor…”

- Denise Armel


"…We at Canada Life have had the pleasure of working with IFCG for several years and the good fortune in dealing with Eric Benchetrit. Eric is one of the most knowledgeable individuals on industry practices and how products are positioned in the marketplace. Eric has been instrumental in assisting advisors in growing their practices and increasing their revenues. We have witnessed a significant growth in IFCG's business as an MGA and this can be attributed in large part to the hard work and endeavors of Eric Benchetrit."

 - Ian Thompson, CLU CHFC CFP
   Regional Vice President

 - Margaret Smith-Armstrong & Ian Kerr
   Canada Life Marketing Consultant Investment Specialist


"Eric Benchetrit is one of those insurance industry veterans that just plain get it! His in-depth knowledge on products and strategies along with his natural charm, make him an asset for advisors at various stages of their career --- from rookie to seasoned pro. Of the many strengths that IFCG has to offer advisors, Eric is right up their at the top; as he's always running seminars, doing one on one's, helping advisors conduct appointments, or lending a hand, however he can. I promise that if you give this man an hour of your life, he'll help focus & energize you, because he truly cares about you and your success!"

 - Brent W. Swatuk
   Regional Marketing Consultant
   The Canada Life Assurance Company


“…I have known Eric for more than 10 years, both in his present role at IFCG and his previous wholesaling roles. IFCG and their advisors are fortunate to benefit from Eric’s experience of working with clients, advisors and insurance companies and their wholesalers. This experience gives him a level of expertise to work in all markets – whether it be on complex business market/cases or the family market. His knowledge of products and concepts is second to none. Eric also brings his patience, empathy and knowledge working with new recruits into our industry to help them start their career. Eric has been on the advisory board with Manulife Financial and he is a pleasure to deal with from a wholesaler viewpoint…”

 - Peter O’Boyle
   Marketing Director-Individual Insurance
   Manulife Financial


“…Eric Benchetrit has worked in the financial services industry for several years holding a broad scope of positions. He has seen and adapted to many changes within our industry. Eric has a strong knowledge of financial products. His ability to retain and stay current regarding new products and changes among all companies is remarkable. Eric partners with his MGA as well as advisors to increase their revenue. Eric is involved in researching and building the best solutions with advisors for their clients. He is able to explain complex concepts or issues in non-technical terms and is also well versed when dealing with more technical or complex cases.Eric has many creative ideas which enable advisors to provide their clients with appropriate options. It’s a pleasure dealing with Eric…”

 - Lidia Pirrie
   Manager, GTA
   Manulife Financial Individual Insurance Sales


"…Eric has always been a friend of Manulife Bank. He is a key “go-to” individual. Eric is very effective at helping integrate Manulife Bank products and services at IFCG. Eric is knowledgeable and a "big thinker." He has a unique skill in seeing the big picture and benefits of ideas, solutions, products and services presented to him. Eric is most certainly a great asset to IFCG whose advisors speak highly of Eric. We at Manulife Bank are comfortable and confident in being able to generate continued significant Manulife Bank business with Eric as a key driver. Eric is a natural in his Director, Professional Development role. We greatly appreciate his efforts and hard work. We look forward to building on our great working relationship with Eric and ever greater success with IFCG…”

 - Tony Ramolo | Regional AVP - Toronto | Manulife Bank of Canada


“…I have worked with Eric and IFCG for the past 7 years in my role at Manulife Bank. I find him to have an excellent grasp of product and possibilities. He is particularly helpful and resourceful in assisting new Advisors with products and with ideas and suggestions on how to build and increase their business. He is aware of, and anticipates, emerging industry trends and has provided to be skillful and artful in introducing new and emerging trends to both his organization, its advisors and to end clients. He is supportive of his advisors and his suppliers and works skillfully and successfully in bringing the two together. It is a pleasure working with Eric…”

 - Brenda J. Black
   Banking Consultant
   Manulife Bank of Canada