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Ed Pursley Insurance Advisor Toronto Ontario | IFCG

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Insurance Advisor Ed Pursley

Ed has over 20 years of experience in the financial industry dating back to the early 1990’s, starting with a large insurance company. The ever expanding needs of his clients required a broader range of solutions that were not available under single company representation so a change to the full brokerage channel was essential. Ed joined Independent Financial Concepts back in 2004 and has been providing his clients with complete solutions to not only their Insurance Needs, but their Investment, Disability, Estate and Tax Planning Needs. Ed is licensed in multiple provinces, representing his clients not only in Ontario but British Columbia as well.


Being able to provide real solutions to all of these needs is essential for Ed’s client’s, having the ability to access additional professionals such as Accountants, Lawyer’s and Tax and Estate support is the reason Ed joined the Independent Financial Concepts team. Having all that support behind Ed’s practice is a comfort to all of his client’s, knowing that ALL of their needs can be taken care of in one spot and not spread out over a number of different advisors and offices.


Whether you’re a seasoned investor with a family, or a business owner trying to maximize the growth of your enterprise with favorable tax treatment, you might be looking forward to a comfortable retirement or just beginning to take the first steps to ensure your future, Ed would be glad to help you ensure success with your financial plans and all of your Health and Life Insurance Needs.