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Independent Financial Concepts Group Ltd. (IFCG) is the most innovative MGA (Managing General Agency) in the marketplace today. We've developed systems and procedures that help our Advisors focus on what matters to our clients. IFCG was founded in April 1999 by Gary Mandel and Jaymie Bongard and has stayed true to Gary's vision: that a successful business hinges on the successful interaction of all the people involved. Growing a business takes dedication and respect. This vision, and Gary's leadership, have helped the agency become one of the strongest MGA's in the Toronto market. 
At IFCG, we are continually at the leading edge of the insurance market. Our Advisors receive the most current information for their clients, and are up-to-date on a full range of products and services, including those that are new and innovative, all backed by careful research and proven performance records.

At IFCG, our standards are high. We continue to build on our solid reputation through proven expertise in our field, and through our knowledgeable and dedicated staff and Advisors.