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Catherine MacRae
Consultant for IFCG - Consulting Actuary, Product Specialist



A passionate and results oriented Consulting Actuary with 10+ years of experience in estate and financial planning as it relates to the individual life insurance business.   Catherine works with many high-end advisors, helping them position their life insurance product selection for their affluent clients.  As a member of Manulife’s Professional Services Team (PST), she worked with Manulife Elite advisors, helping them position their product selection for their affluent clients. Bringing to light unique product features or pricing opportunities within a product class, Catherine helps advisors best position themselves in today’s competitive landscape.

Catherine follows the advisor throughout the sales process, tapping the resources of the other professionals or insurance companies’ Head Office staff where they can be of value in resolving issues (product, reinsurance, tax or underwriting) that could be a barrier in closing a sale.

Catherine attends client and third party meetings, bringing her professional credentials and support for resolving technical issues, raised by any party, (lawyers, accountants etc.), who may have been brought into the sales process.

Catherine is a frequent speaker at such events as MGA professional development days, CALU’s annual meeting and private client dinners.

Other Activities

•Published in Benefits and Pension Monitor and Benefits Canada magazines

•Was a member of the Ontario Regional Council of CPBI

•Taught for both Humber and Seneca College on pension and benefits

•Was a member of the CIA Committee on Economic Statistics

•Ran the United Way campaign for the Pension & Benefits department at KPMG

•Volunteered many times for Habitat of Humanity on 2 different build sites

•Raised funds and I am the poster “girl” (brochure) for the first rural housing build for Places for People

Schooling: A graduate of University of Western Ontario, studying matematics

Designations: BSc., FCIA, FSA, FLMI, CFP, CLU


Places of Employment

•AVP, Actuarial Consultant for Manulife Financial for 10+ years

•Manager, Pension Consulting KPMG for 10+ years

•Government, private industry and insurance doing underwriting, product development and pension plan actuarial valuations