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Reuben Menzelefsky
Associate Advisor

(905) 202-8430 ext. 655


Travel Insurance
Association Health & Dental Insurance
FollowMe, Flexcare, and Basic Critical Illness Insurance

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In today's world, most people do not live with a proper financial plan. An uncertain future looms ahead and without planning for the future responsibly, a person can find himself down the road in a precarious position. Proper planning is an integral part of living life responsibly and ensuring a more secure future. There are many ways to implement proper strategies that will provide peace of mind. Whether you are a business owner or someone who desires to have more family security, Reuben can help you make the right choices.

Reuben is a reliable and hard working individual. For years he has been helping others through teaching, mentoring and reaching out to teens at risk. Reuben decided to employ that role into the financial services industry.

He is now a highly trained and dedicated advisor who has helped many people achieve security and protection from the future. His goal is to make you comfortable with your financial situation and what lays ahead. He will listen and work with you and always keep your best interests at heart.