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The Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan™ Lite is available only at IFCG.

While efficiently managing your company’s healthcare risks, costs and financial exposure, IFCG’s very own MERP™Lite benefits companies and employees alike.  It’s guaranteed to result in peace of mind and security in the knowledge that the company cares for their overall health and safety.

The IFCG Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan™Lite is a cost-effective alternative for Canadian businesses to pay for all of their eligible Health and Dental Care expenditures.

Our MERP™Lite allows you to fund the total cost of your eligible expenditures with pre-tax dollars, thus greatly reducing the expense to you.

The 100% tax deductible MERP™Lite for Business owners with one or more full time employees is only available through one of IFCG’s expert advisors.  Our MERP™Lite plan enables you (and your employees) to choose where to spend your benefit dollars, without the traditional limitations of most benefits plans.

Click here to view our MERP LITE brochure