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For incorporated professionals, Health Spending Accounts and Health and Welfare Trust Accounts work like a bank account.  These bank accounts are 100%

tax-deductible and can be used for financing health-related expenses.

Excess funds can roll over indefinitely and can be used for a broad range of health services, unlike traditional health insurance plans.

For sole proprietors of unincorporated businesses, there are Private Health Service Plans available.  These are similar to Health and Welfare Trust accounts with specific limits in terms of contributions.

Learn more. Follow the link to see how innovative health benefit plans can meet your unique needs.

The following is a sample of the many services that can be covered tax-free:

Preventative Care

    • Audiologist Services
    • Naturopath Services
    • Chiropodist Services
    • Chiropractic Services
    • Occupational Therapist Services
    • Pharmacist Consultation and Services
    • Physicians and Surgeons
    • Dietitians*
    • Physiotherapist Services
    • Medical Radiation Treatments
    • Psychologist Services
    • Medical Laboratory Services
    • Respiratory Therapists
    • Massage Therapists (RMT)

Dental and Vision

    • Cosmetic Dentistry and Whitening
    • Dental Hygienist Services
    • Dental Surgeons Services
    • Dental Technologist Services
    • Denturist Services
    • Orthodontic Services
    • Contact Lenses
    • Laser Eye Surgery
    • Optician Services
    • Optometrist Services
    • Prescription Glasses
    • Prescription Sunglasses

Special Care Services

    • Anti-Aging Treatments*
    • Assistive Devices*
    • Cosmetic Surgery
    • Diabetic Pumps
    • Elderly Parent and Dependent Care
    • Fertility Drugs and Treatment Services
    • Hair Replacement Surgery*
    • Hair Removal Treatments*
    • Overseas Specialty Medical Services
    • Nursing Services
    • Special Needs Tuition & Services
    • Speech-Language Pathologists
    • Vitamins & Supplements*

*Prescribed, Dispensed, and/or Supervised by a Registered Medical Practitioner