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What happens when your business is the bulk of your estate?

You spend a lifetime building a business. You plow your profits back into the company to keep it growing, locking your assets up in bricks, steel, and machinery. You owe little or no money at all.

Yet the day you die, you may owe hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars. Those dollars you've locked up will have to be unlocked. Revenue Canada doesn't want bricks and steel, they want cash.

Liquidation may be the only way, and that could tear your estate apart overnight.


If you spend your lifetime building a business, make it a business worth keeping. We can tailor a program to meet your needs to help insure the continuation of your business. For example, through a nniversal life contract, your company deposits money into a tax-sheltered account allowing corporate dollars to grow on a tax deferred basis. These dollars that otherwise would be going to Revenue Canada as tax, are effectively paying insurance premiums. You're finding tax-free dollars to provide liquidity when it's most needed.

We are equipped to handle all of your company's insurance needs. We can implement a plan that will enhance corporate credit or help assure your company's continuity. As well, we can put together a package to help insure an amount equal to one year's profits, or even create a potential market for your company.