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Participating Whole Life Insurance

Par policies are very low-maintenance for the consumer - they allow you to have an investment component and whole life insurance without requiring investment expertise. With a Participating policy, you can leave the investing up to the professionals.

Par products are the best solution for consumers looking for insurance with a tax-deferred investment without the need to manage those investments, and who are looking for a balanced investment portfolio without the annual fluctuations caused by market value changes.


    • the potential for tax-deferred growth without the risk of loss associated with equity market
    • protection for a lifetime
    • guaranteed premiums
    • guaranteed cash values (this amount increases over time and the growth accrues on a tax-deferred basis)
    • guaranteed, tax-free death benefits
    • dividends (not guaranteed) - based on the overall financial results of the Canadian Participating Fund - an investment fund dedicated to Participating policyholders

Insurance company's offers a number of Participating Whole Life Plans, each focussing on different financial needs and goals.