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Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance provides protection for a limited period of time and pays benefits only if you die during the specified term.

Benefits of Term Life Insurance

    • Protection for a limited period of time
    • Benefits if you die during the specified time
    • Cost is less than permanent insurance
    • Right to convert to a permanent policy without evidence of insurability


Everyone's lifestyle and health are unique and each of  us wants to pay a premium that reflects our own personal risk. Preferred underwriting has separate classes to maximize coverage and cost-savings for everyone.

Preferred underwriting is typically available as

Level coverage to age 85 and renews automatically every 10 years (Term 10) or every 20 years (Term 20) to age 84

Which renewal period is best for you?

    • Term policies have a fixed premium for the length of the policy. These premiums are usually increased when you renew a policy because you are older and your chances of dying have increased. This risk is reflected in your insurance costs
    • A 10 year term policy will begin with lower premiums, but a 20 year term policy will end up with lower premiums

These policies also offer a number of additional options for customization. We can assist you in determining which options are best for you.