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Financial security is like your health: getting the best, personalized advice is important. While taking care of your body is your own responsibility, you know when you reach your limitations. You always take health concerns to a trusted health professional, and you expect that health professional to diagnose, analyze and explain your current condition and prescribe an appropriate remedy or course of treatment.

You don't expect to be convinced you need something you really don't, or to be given the wrong treatment. You should think of your financial health in the same way. Although you are ultimately responsible for your own financial security, licensed independent advisors are trained to give you professional, personalized advice.

The Value of Financial Advice

Earning money, saving money, and making money grow offer a daunting series of challenges to most of us. Despite the important consequences for the rest of our well-being, many of us spend surprisingly few hours devoted to the purpose of improving our financial health. In many cases we spend far more time choosing a new car or a vacation destination than on making a well-reasoned choice of investment for an RRSP.

Even when we do find a few spare moments, we only spend that time recognizing how much there is to know before we ever get to the point of making a truly informed decision. Today's universe of investment alternatives is immense. The past 10 years have seen an explosion in the variety of opportunities we're being offered to help make our money grow.

For investors, the ever-increasing number and complexity of choices suggests that knowledge and time will forever seem to be in short supply. That is why, for many Canadians, seeking the help of a financial professional in creating a well-conceived financial plan might prove the most important investment decision they'll ever make.

A financial advisor has the comprehensive training, up-to-date product knowledge and years of practical investment experience to develop a personalized financial plan tailored to your needs. He or she will help you to discover an acceptable balance between risk and reward, enabling you to achieve your long-range financial goals. Planners can even make your financial plan more tax-efficient.

Building financial independence doesn't mean taking a do-it-yourself approach. Part of "getting ahead" means knowing your own limitations. Most of us wouldn't consider installing complex electrical wiring in our homes, because we recognize the boundaries of our expertise. Making sure you conduct your financial plan properly from the very start should likewise prevent the need for costly repairs in the future.

Choose wisely. Otherwise, the freedom of choice you limit may be your own.

What does an independent financial advisor do?

A financial advisor helps you identify your financial goals and what holds you back from attaining those goals. He or she works with you to construct a financial plan and makes a number of recommendations. He or she then implements the elements of that financial plan and provides you with periodic reviews to assess the success of the plan and to consider any changes necessary to better meet your original, or revised goals.

Independent financial advisors are not tied to any one insurance company or other organization which manages financial products. Therefore his or her personal compensation is based on one or a combination of the following.

Commission: Commissions are payable on financial products purchased through the investment advisor. Commissions can be payable by the investor, by the company which manages or sponsors the financial product or a mixture of both.

Fee-only: The client pays the advisor a fee based on the client's assets or income, or an hourly rate to reflect the effort in creating and updating the financial plan and in making transactions.

Your financial advisor will be pleased to discuss with you his or her compensation.

RRSPs and Retirement Planning

Your retirement is largely determined by the financial planning that goes before it. One of the best ways to save for retirement is through an RRSP. We offer a selection of investment opportunities that can help you achieve your retirement dreams.

Retirement and Income Options

Creating a solid retirement income plan means identifying sources of income, developing strategies and selecting the investments that put your hard-earned savings to work. We offer a wide range of financial options to help you explore your retirement possibilities.

Other Savings and Investments

Choosing the right investment for your needs involves careful consideration of many factors including risk, return, flexibility, cost and taxation. Our products and services are designed to help you build and manage your investment portfolio.